Our Story

Round Table as a club was founded by Louis Marchesi in 1927 in the town of Norwich, Norfolk. The objects of the association are the encouragement of high ethical standards in commercial life, the promotion of fellowship amongst young professional and business men, and the quickening of individual interests in everything affecting the public welfare. 

Founded on August, 6th 2017

In 2017, on the Canadian Civic Day weekend men and women from the Round Table/Ladies Circle communities such as Norway, Greenland, Denmark, USA, France, South Africa, and many more came to Toronto to witness the first ever Canadian chapter to be chartered.

It was with the support from the RT USA and RT Denmark clubs and the blessing of the Chairman of Round Table International that RT1 Toronto became an official member of the Round Table family.

That was over a year ago and since then we have run a very successful first AGM event for our club. New board members were elected and our official handbook was ratified. For everyone involved it was an eye opening experience to recognise our individual achievements as well as to see the club growing into something cohesive. 

We have only just begun, and we have some ambitious plans to expand and reach as many communities in Canada as we can. We want to show case our wonderful country to everyone from around the world.