Social, Community, and International Events

Social Events

We promote fellowship among young professional and business men. Once a month we meet for either drinks in a unique part of town or take part in some sort of social gathering such as archery or laser tag, bowling, pool, or the like. Each member takes a turn in organising an event in their neighbourhood giving everyone a chance to experience the diversity of the city.

Charity Events

As a club we have committed to participate in charity events organised by our members. Together we raise money for a local music school and mental health awareness, as well as volunteering our time and energy to help feeding the hungry and build homes for the needy among other outreach projects.

International Relations

As members of an international community we have connections to clubs throughout the world such as USA, Denmark, Greenland, Germany, France, India, Mauritius, and The Caribbean to name a few. We host members from other countries when they come to visit and show them the city and the same is done for us when we travel around the world. There are no strangers in Round Table, only friends you haven’t met yet.