Community/Fundraising Projects

As a club, we participate in a large variety of community out reach projects that are organised and coordinated by affiliate members.  As we are still in our infancy as a club, our impact is relatively small but it is growing with a lot of potential.  Here are a few of the projects that were initiated in the last year.  

Annual Movember Initiative

In November of every year we, along with members in Montreal and other cities are coming together to raise money and awareness of men’s health. There is a lot of information that you can at the Movember foundation main website or help us raise funds by visiting our page directly by clicking here.

Record Breakers

Record Breakers is a fundraiser with a fun little twist. We are raising money for the Regent Park School of Music, by putting the lives of our records on the line.  It results in a fun and competitive atmosphere with people bidding to save records that would otherwise be destroyed. All proceeds go towards the RPSM and so far we have raised over $2000.

Habitat For Humanity

We have collaborated with Habitat to help with the building as of now, two homes – one in Scarborough and one in Brampton.  This event is a big hit and a great experience for all involved. We aim to do at least two builds a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. For more details on our participation please click here.

Christmas Card Signing

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Each year we do our best to help Santa reply as many cards as possible to the good girls and boys across Canada who just want to add a little magic into their lives. We always look forward to helping good old Saint Nick each year. He gives us direction on who was naughty and nice, but he is after all, very busy, so we do what we can to help where we can. 


A unique fundraiser to help raise money for mental health awareness through the two national agencies that promote mental health.  Both agencies support those that suffer from mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression, drug addiction and other conditions.